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Our Approach


The club was formed in 1974 to facilitate access to the Military Ranges at Middlewick and Fingringhoe near Colchester by the civilian rifle clubs located locally. Over time, those clubs obtained their own licences necessary to use the ranges and the Middlewick Range Association morphed into a civilian club with its own membership.

As a members' club it has always catered for "practical" shooters - e.g. those preparing for their deer stalking certificates or preparing firearms for rabbit or fox culling, those interested in ballistics - in matching bullets to powder to rifles rather than competition target shooting. In that respect our members are not seen as being very competitive - we are not under pressure to "submit cards" or have "goals". However, we are always keen to improve our personal performance and extend our knowledge. It is, therefore, a great place to learn rifle craft, without pressure, from experienced individuals who are willing to impart their personal experiences.

Our Story