Saturday in September

Another glorious day weather wise – the sun shone with barely a cloud in the sky and was just high enough not to cause too much interference. There was a frustrating intermittent breeze across the range (which appeared every time I was behind the .17HMR and disappeared every time I gave up). We were well supported (10 paying guns) by “new” members but very few of the “old” or shall we say “established” crew turned up. We had access across the range (although we had a Chelmsford 1944 visitor tag on to us who was intended for SEESA but he chose to make his way back and lug his kit when he found we had no pits even though we offered him a bench – you can’t help some people). We parked by the fence for easy kit movement with no animals in sight. SEESA, however, shot up to the bell on B Zero so we had to return the long way round.

We had two new members sign up on the day, one travelling up from Kent. He found it easier to get to us than to Bisley and he did more shot development in one morning with us than six months there.

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