Christmas is a comin’ …

All that was missing was Santa on his sleigh…

We arrived in pouring rain with visibility of the creek danger area on the edge of acceptable so the decision was made, in consultation with SEESA, to postpone shooting to see how the morning panned out.

We adjourned to the C Range troop shelter, set up the stove for the venison stew, rolls, mince pies and cream, the usual raffle and “shoot the deer” to win the turkey (Alistair S placed his shot nearest the predetermined “killing” point). All that was missing was the prize giving for the shooting competitions…. they will be held later in the New Year on a date to be announced.

So there we were in the warm and dry, watching the weather outside… one minute it was green… the next it was white. A thick coating of snow fell and lay on the ground over the course of a few minutes. However, it did eventually stop, and visibility improved allowing us the option to begin shooting. This announcement was met by those assembled with groans of dissent. The thought of climbing into snow-filled pits and no doubt by then full of Jon and Nikki’s epic venison stew –there were no takers.

Thoughts then turned to clearing up, removing the raffle prizes and exiting the range safely. Some succeeded more than others – one member reversed into another but, fortunately, no damage was done. Those that tried to go through Colchester were faced with blocked roads, even Langenhoe Hill on the Mersea road was choked – cars without 4×4 were having difficulty staying in a straight line so this took some time for them to clear themselves out of the way. Those with 4×4, which was most of us, then sailed through. Longest reported journey time home so far – 4 hrs, 2.5hrs more than usual.

A very Merry Christmas and a “Guid” New Year… wishing you and yours all you’d wish for yourselves.

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