Nice weather for ducks!

It was a wet day – it wasn’t raining hard, just most of the time and enough to soak everything and everybody.

Our members decided to shoot though SEESA called it off. This, however, gave us the opportunity to change ranges from B to D. It saved us a lot of walking although it did cause a delay in obtaining duty officer approval and subsequently putting the flags up. The range staff were very helpful in bringing out the backing boards although they had to make a second trip … with the red flag.

Two SEESA members agreed with us and joined us to shoot. It was as well they did as we then had to put out both sentries. Keith of CRC was also very helpful in standing sentry at XR1 for some considerable time and he wasn’t even intending to shoot.

We also had two first time members on the range, Ruari and Jason who, despite the weather, put a fair number of holes in paper.

We were also one down – someone who shall remain nameless – forgot their .303 ammo and called it a day.

For those who were there – today will be one of those days to remember in the folklore of MRA – the day we got wet and shot when SEESA didn’t. Who said “wusses”?

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