Collective noun?

We had a flurry of hi-vis vests (these are mainly issued to new members and officials) on the range today making up a significant number of the nineteen people signing on the range sheet.

Everyone had to contend with the low sun as it was a bright crisp morning and the wind, such as it was, was definitely “lazy” preferring to go through rather than round – second and third layers required. The management committee could do nothing about either.

We, hopefully, have another four candidates through their NRA Safe Shooter’s Certification process which will ease pressure on the hi-vis jackets.

Wine gums were the order of the day, Haribos being saved for another occasion.

Our next weekend shoot will be the “Turkey Shoot”, our attempt at a “serious” competition together with venison stew, mince pies and cream, raffle prizes, place the shot on the deer, and for those truly in the Christmas Spirit – fancy dress. So come with an appetite …