Girls just wanna have fun!

After an inauspicious start (having to queue to get in as we were there before the range staff), it was a good shooting day, warm and bright sunshine high in the sky with not too much wind (but enough not to bother getting the .17HMR out of the slip) and variable enough to make it interesting for the long-range boys on D range. The ground was dry so we parked by the firing point. We had only nine shooters in total so did not break even on costs for the day, however, the quality on show was outstanding. Range staff delivered the targets, flags and wedges in advance as requested.

Breaks in shooting due to public incursions were few but interesting – two young girls (about 8 or 9 years’ old) gave sentry, X-ray 3 the runaround. Having been challenged twice, they produced tears and a story of wanting to go blackberry picking. Range staff tracked them back home where it was found no responsible adult was there (at least they didn’t answer the door). I suspect this address will receive a uniformed visit in due course.

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