Here are some useful links:

British Deer Society

National Rifle Association

British Association for Shooting & Conservation

BASC is a national representative body for sporting shooting and provides insurance cover for its members.

Muzzle Loaders Association of Great Britain

The MLAGB is the Governing Body for muzzle loading within the United Kingdom.

British Shooting Sports Council

The British Shooting Sports Council is an umbrella organisation representing the major shooting associations in the United Kingdom.

The Sportsman’s Association

The Sportsman’s Association exists to fight for the restoration of target pistol shooting as a legitimate sport and for fair and effective firearms legislation.

The Saint Hubert Club of Great Britain

The Saint Hubert Club of Great Britain is dedicated to the mangement of deer and wild boar in the United Kingdom and offers high quality training to its members.

Countryside Alliance

National Gamekeepers’ Organisation

Links to advice on Firearms and Air Weapons

Essex Police

The Essex Police Firearms, Shot Guns and Explosives Licensing (FSEL) Section manages all aspects of the licensing of firearms and explosives. Also includes information on names and contact details for your local Firearms Officer.

Suffolk Police

Metropolitan Police

Firearms Licencing Medical Process Factsheet